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The case for horror movie fans to read more horror stories

alien martianSince the beginning of time, elders have passed down their knowledge in the form of stories. Their wisdom was passed down through the generations as the tribe sat together in communion. Today, horror stories in the form of books share the frightening experiences of other people in an analogous manner. As the words are converted into ideas and sceneries within your mind, you gain the knowledge and the wisdom of what it was like to be in that person’s shoes at that point in time. Burning Bulb Publishing keeps these stories alive, and allows each individual with something significant to convey to have their voices heard. 

In today’s culture however, the audience at large has turned away from these stories and instead rely on visual eye candy. Movies with fancy GCI effects and millions of dollars of budget have largely overtaken the market of passing down stories. Most people have forgotten that a lot of these box office hits were originally sold in the form of books rather than motion pictures. Many of the most hardcore fans of these movies have not picked up the story in its original form, but have waited for it to be converted from text into motion picture. Most people today downplay the novels, and solely pay attention to the movie.

Of course, this is a travesty to storytelling and has changed the scene to a form in which it was not originally meant to be consumed. Reading, telling, and listening to stories forces the receiver to be hyper-aware of everything they are reading, and makes them use their mind to generate everything that the CGI would generate for them. This not only takes away from the intellectual pursuit of reading a story, and finishing an entire novel, but also reduces the impact of the story on your psyche.

When consuming a story from text, the reader takes in the information at their own pace, and gets to experience firsthand the different feelings and emotions of the characters. Having the story play out in your own brain is often more satisfying, as the reader has more room to portray the characters as they wish. The reader has all the capacity of generating sceneries, whether they are utopian and futuristic, old-aged, or anything in between. This adds an extra dimension of personality to the story, and lets the emotions and ideas stick to a special place in the readers head.

Of course, we aren’t saying that motion pictures are the devil, and that stories are the pinnacle of portraying ideas in all circumstances, but the turn away from written text is quite distressing. Besides, if you consider yourself a connoisseur of horror stories and experiences, the best place to find hidden gems are among the written text. Horror stories only get turned into movies if they are extremely popular. This is a good way to get really big stories to the masses, but there remain under-appreciated ones which can be just as good – or even better – than the generally popular stories, all of which you are missing out on. 

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